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My Name is Greg Searfoss.

I own and

I am building and selling these domains. For a short time I am offering at a discounted rate!

These assets give you insurance or a hedge against an unexpected or financial “business punch in the face”.

Mike Tyson once said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” and are insurance and a “hedge” against the unexpected.

If you don’t buy these domains now and your competitor does, how will you feel? Will it be harder to compete?

First you should know that these domains were without websites for a couple of years. Now, during the last 2 months we built simple, basic “brochure” sites to demonstrate the idea of what a “City Portal” site might look like.

As of March 13, 2019, the domains landed on the first page of Bing and Yahoo in the top 2 searches, surpassing other domains that have been up there for many years! We have just scratched the surface of web building and are already receiving placement on the first pages.

Being on the first page so quickly, without using advertising dollars, says it all about the power of these domains.

Advertising on the search engines are also key as well. To grab the lions share you need the right name: Will your audience click the search term they specifically searched for? Or will they click something close or even worse something obscure? We all know that we click the BEST match to the specific search term. The top 2 searches for our city are: “puerto penasco” and “rocky point mexico”.

Several Things are happening Quickly:

Puerto Penasco is clearly one of Mexico’s most important tourism cities, with a very bright future ahead!

Here’s how I came up with my pricing:

  1. “puerto penasco” is the #1 search receiving 27K searches per month.
  2. “rocky point mexico” is the #2 search receiving 11K searches per month.
  3. I have based my prices on the domain sales of and
  4. “rocky point” is the #4 search receiving 5K searches per month. sold for $500k in 2008.
  5. Using the sale as a metric, that puts each 1,000 searches per month worth $100,000.
  6. (the number one search for that city) sold for 90Million in 2009.
  7. Las Vegas has close to 40 Million visitors, compared to Rocky Point’s 2 Million. (about 1/20th)
  8. 1/20th of sales price of $90 Million is $4.5 Million.

These domains are solid assets that will anchor your success in Puerto Penasco.

Owning and is owning the entire city’s digital real estate.

All that needs to be done is to continue the format that we have started.

I am asking 3 Million U.S.D. for For a short time, I am asking 900k U.S.D for (a 30% discount from the original 1.3M asking price).

Make an offer and anchor your business for the life of this wonderful city!

In 15 years these assets will seem to be stolen at a ridiculously low price. Remember, the price tag now will be a very different perspective later.

Ask yourself this:

If I don’t buy these now, and my competitor does, will I be left out and regret it later?

Thank you for your interest, and I truly wish you prosperity.

Greg Searfoss

Bing Search “puerto penasco”

Bing Search “rocky point mexico”

yahoo search “rocky point mexico”

yahoo search “puerto penasco rocky point” (the auto filler when typing puerto penasco gives you this in the United States, so it’s probably the best example to look at)