Advertising Page on is offering all many business operators in Puerto Penasco a Free Page on our site!

This site will be built specifically as an information site for Visitors and Locals alike.

We welcome the following business to advertise with us for Free: Restaurants, Bars, Shopping, and Community Services.

Please make sure we have:

  1. Your Physical address for adding to GoogleMaps.
  2. Your web address, and/or your Facebook page, and/or your pinterest link.
  3. Your Logo if you have one.
  4. At least one Unique picture that we can place on your page. (Several are better)  (Make sure they are unique and have not been used anywhere else on social media and Internet).
  5. A Description of your business! (please feel free to write as much as you want!) (English or Spanish either or both is great!)
  6.  Remember your address, phone number and a contact information.

If you don’t have everything that is O.K. we will still list you with whatever you have. Just Email Us!

We’ll post it up for you as soon as we possibly can

Our goal is to promote the Community of Puerto Penasco and your prosperity in the process!

Thank You so much, good luck, and have a Great Day!

Mail us to get your Free Page: