The Airport in Puerto PenascoMexico (Rocky Point Mexico) Mar de Cortez:  First of all it’s important to remember that Puerto Penasco is still a small city (just over 60k).  Due to the close driving distance from the U.S. almost everyone drives to this city.  (See the Map).  

As a result the commercial flights are taking a while before there is enough flyers instead of drivers.  Probably when more cruises begin to really take off things will change.  It is however noteworthy that if you have your own plane that the facilities at this airport are first class!

Mar De Cortes International Airport in Puerto Penasco Mexico (Rocky Point) is surrounded by the magnificent view of the “Mar de Cortez”. Offering a fully-equipped airport so that if you are just in transit or visiting, you will have a pleasant and smoothly-run experience.

Finally there is however a wonderful place to fly into.  Click here for more Mar de Cortez Airport information in Rocky Point Mexico.

Mar De Cortes Airport in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point Mexico). Click here to visit the Mar De Cortes website.