RV Mexican Auto Insurance for Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point Mexico)

RV-Mexican Insurance Puerto Penasco

RV Mexican Insurance for Puerto Penasco Mexico (Rocky Point)

Mexican RV Insurance

You need to get Mexican RV Insurance.

1. It’s the law! Mexico has laws like the U.S. does, where all cars on the roadways are required to have a minimum of liability insurance coverage. If you get in an accident in Mexico, you will have to communicate with the police and even a judge to show that you can pay for the damage that was caused. Without insurance, you can go to jail, or be fined. Insurance coverage is like a ‘get-out-of-jail-free card.’ (provided you are not illegally and grossly negligent).

2. Your U.S. policy doesn’t cover you in Mexico. Just like how the U.S. doesn’t recognize Mexican auto insurance companies, Mexican authorities don’t recognize U.S. insurance providers. Even if you have a U.S. policy with an endorsement for Mexico, it likely won’t be very helpful in court or provide much protection if you are found to be at fault.

Getting Mexico car insurance is the best way to be protected while driving in Mexico. It’s the law, and your U.S. policy won’t have any helpful coverage if you have an accident. Mexico car insurance can help you pay for damage, provide legal assistance, and even keep you out of jail.

Make sure you review your U.S./Canadian RV policy before thinking it will cover you and your RV in Mexico. Usually it won’t, or only for a short distance past the U.S. border. If your current service does not offer the right coverage, you can buy a full coverage policy from  top insurers.

A Liability Only policy covers any damages to another person or property that is caused by an accident you are responsible for. But it won’t cover your RV. With Full Coverage, your RV gets liability, collision, fire, overturn, theft and vandalism protection. Plus there are increased limits, low deductibles, and additional coverages.

If you are towing something, it is covered by liability on Mexico RV insurance policies. To get physical damage and theft coverage for your item while it is being towed or used in Mexico, you have to add it to your RV policy or get another specific policy for it.

With Mexpro you have the ability to purchase Mexican RV insurance that best suits your needs for Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point Mexico), or all of Mexico. We offer policies on a daily basis, or in six month or annual terms. All repairs and claims can be settled in the U.S. or Canada. It is important to review your U.S. RV policy before assuming it will take care of your insurance needs while traveling in Mexico. If your U.S./Canada RV policy does not offer a Mexico endorsement, or the endorsement does not offer enough coverage, you can get our full coverage policy.

Mexican RV Insurance in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point Mexico). Click here to visit MexPro's Mexican Insurance website.
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